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To many people, luxury is purely what you can see with your eyes. I’m not going to write and lie to you that it’s not. But what I wanted to remind my readers is that there is more than meet the eyes. This post is a great example of how a luxury house is able to keep a fresh look by constantly changing the contents in a subtle but creative ways. How is this possible you might say? The answer is storage. Storage is a great way of keeping the house items that you don’t currently use but at the same time keeping it. It is a service that many people I know utiliseĀ  to keep a fresh look inside their luxury house.

In fact, local businesses who offer short term and long term storage are plentiful. If you asked the owners themselves, it’s probably too much competition to their liking. But it’s good news to you.. the customers. You are able to negotiate a better price or pay less for longer storage term; or even get an additional service (eg. removals) thrown in for free. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask them yourselves.

There are plenty of advantages of keeping your house items in storage. Instead of listing the advantages myself, I’ve decided to ask my local storage company that I’ve used before and whom I was very happy with. The company I’m talking about is Storage Perth WA. After calling the owner up myself, I jotted the following advantages mentioned by them:

  • Extra space at a relatively low cost (compared to creating more space in your own home)
  • Peace of mind – credible storage facilities have strict protocols to ensure your items are kept safe
  • Flexibility – as mentioned at the beginning of the post, storage compartments are usually easily accessible. Therefore swapping items back and forth from storage to your house (and vice versa) is easy. Hence why many people I know utilise the service to rotate their house content from time to time. In fact if you do it smartly, people might think you’ve purchased new stuff everytime you rotate the furnitures!
  • Out of sight – out of mind. Have you ever had that feeling where you can’t handle looking inside your house because of the clutter? Well, storage gets the excess content out of your sight. That means no more headache and bye bye clutter!

There are many other advantages to using a storage service, but I’ve decided to keep this post short. Let me know what you think about storage .. both the good and the bad!

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