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The overwhelming benefit of decorating your luxury home with antiques is that they never go out of style! Antique pieces of furniture were crafted in a time before mass production took over and because of this, antique pieces were all hand-crafted by artisans who needed to create a piece that was individual and eye catching, in order to sell it.

“Rarity at it’s best”

You have to remember that back in those days, catalogues were not delivered to every home for it’s occupants to browse at their leisure, television commercials (and in fact televisions) were not yet invented and social media was not a concept that could be grasped at the time. The only tool that artisans had to sell their wares, was those wares themselves. Therefore, they had to be eye-catching and arrest passers-by in order to sell them. These days furniture and home goods production is completely the opposite. Furniture is rarely hand-crafted by artisans, instead a designer will come up with a concept that can be mass produced and a factory will churn out thousands of copies of that item. Ease of mass production and cheap production costs is favoured over beauty and durability.

Furnish your home with antiques and you will be adding pieces of timeless beauty that not only give your home a feeling of grandeur and individuality, you will also be investing in pieces of furniture that are of a lasting quality which you can pass down to future generations. The same certainly can’t be said about furniture bought from many popular large chain stores!

Many luxury homeowners also choose to furnish their home with antiques because unlike those items that can be purchased from large chain manufacturers, antiques are an investment in themselves. Antiques are collectors pieces which often hold, if not increase in value over time, particularly if they are well cared for. We recommend that you use a well respected and registered antiques broker or dealer, if you choose to invest in antique pieces.

“One of a kind..”

Not all antiques are created equally, nor do they all have the same value. Like any collectors items, antiques have trends and as such, their value can fluctuate accordingly. For example, Japanese antiques were previously a very hot and stable market and were a good investment to make. Now the Japanese market has cooled in favour of antiques from China and Russia. Antique experts now suggest that Indian antiques could be the next trend and investment in antiques from India could be a wise idea. We suggest that you do your research before purchasing antiques as an investment for your luxury home, however, like anything.. If you fall in love with an antique for it’s sheer beauty and you aren’t concerned whether it is a good financial investment, then go for it! Adding a timeless antique piece to your home is never going to be a bad decision.

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