Found this website somehow after browsing the web for luxury housing? And you might be wondering what this site is all about. Apart form the obvious from the pictures you might see on this site. Yes it is about luxury housing (so to speak.. more about that later). But instead of featuring luxury houses themselves from all around the world. And plastering pictures of the actual houses on this site. We’re not going to do that at all. This site is different. Instead, this website titled LakeCountryPlayHouse[dot]net is about what the individual’s perception or they thoughts about luxury housing.

You see, as with everything in life, people opinions on a particular topic or thing varies. In fact, they may vary quite a bit. So we find it pointless to just feature luxury houses aimlessly and force it down our readers throat. Instead, we have collected people thoughts on what “luxury housing” is and share it with the rest of the world.

The topics could be anything to do with “luxury housing”. For example: the garden, furnitures, energy efficiencies, location, special feature of house or even the people living in “luxury houses”.